The « Poderone »

The name of the « Poderone » appeared around 1850s when was built the main house and its appendices.

Piece of tile found near of the Poderone

In 1990 the domain of the Poderone was acquired by a German family. They restructured the propery and planted (one for one!) 1440 ulivis, converted the the Poderone to the biological culture. They also started the development of the energic sensibility.

Now the new owners (old professionals retired of the frantic city life) manage 14 hectares of olive trees with an other small part reserved for sheeps and the rest to the wood. Bugs, birds, gekis, hares, foxes, and the wild boars, have returned.

The program is to continue the development making itself completely autonomous from the substratum fossil energy. The production must be also diversified with products coming from the garden and fruit trees.  And at the end also to reinsert  farm animals.